San José State University  Department of Psychology

Virtual Environments, Cognition, & Training Research Laboratory

Joining the Lab as a Research Assistant

Research assistants at the VECTR Lab gain valuable research experience that complements undergraduate or graduate coursework. The extent to what a research assistant can learn while working at VECTR is directly related to what they contribute.

What qualities make VECTR lab members successful?

What do VECTR lab members do?

Research assistants in the lab may be asked to:

As members gain experience, they may lead project teams, develop research protocols, lead and coordinate data collection, lead papers, plan research, and take other leadership roles.

What is required of VECTR lab members?

The basic expectations of research assistants:

What are the benefits of volunteering in the VECTR lab?

You can expect:

More questions?

Please contact Dr. David Schuster.

Apply as a Volunteer

Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply. We occasionally provide research opportunities to post-bacc students. If you anticipate being an SJSU student in the future, please wait until you are accepted before applying.

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